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The pursuit of beautiful and healthy skin and hair

New active ingredient platforms and products

The pursuit of beautiful and healthy skin and hair is paramount around the globe. Evonik is expanding its existing active ingredients product portfolio, providing customers with a selection of new ingredients including:

  • Alpha hydroxy acids with milder effects and greater humectant properties to retain moisture
  • Cholesterol specialties with a high purity
  • Specialty peptides to boost the skin and hair matrix
  • Plant extracts with highly enriched component materials and
  • A natural hyaluronic acid specialty with excellent moisturization and water retention properties

These high-quality active ingredients are designed for use across a range of application areas such as premium skin care and hair care.

Alpha hydroxy acids

TEGO® Renewha Malto

Maltobionic acid that is milder with low irritation potential compared to traditional AHAs. It shows skin exfoliation benefits, promoting a renewed skin appearance.

TEGO® Renewha Lacto

Lactobionic acid that is milder with low irritation potential compared to traditional AHAs. It has excellent moisturization and humectancy benefits and improves the appearance of skin clarity, thickness and quality.

TEGO® Renewha Mandelic

Mandelic acid which is less irritating than conventional AHAs. Suited for skin types where pigmentation from other AHAs may occur.

TEGO® Renewha HODA

Formulated to balance performance with lower irritation profile than conventional AHAs.

TEGO® Renewha Cap

Hydroxycapric acid especially suited for sensitive skin for a renewed skin appearance.

Cholesterol Derivatives

TEGO® Sterol KCS

TEGO® Sterol KCS is a skin identical Cholesterol derivative. Naturally found in the extracellular lipid matrix in the stratum corneum. Re-enforces the natural skin barrier.

TEGO® Sterol 7-DHC

TEGO® Sterol 7-DHC is a natural skin sterol. It is a precursor of vitamin D3. Elevates the skin's protective powers.


TEGO® Pep 3-Recover

TEGO® Pep 3-Recover renews the skin and reduces the visible signs of aging.

TEGO® Pep 3-Boost

TEGO® Pep 3-Boost promotes a healthy hair life cycle, strengthens the hair follicle and improves scalp health.

Plant Extracts

TEGO® Natural Mangifera

A highly enriched extract from leaves of the superfruit mango with strong antioxidative properties that effectively delays skin aging.

TEGO® Natural Amaranth

Oil with a unique lipid composition rich in natural squalene for a smooth skin feel. It retains the skin’s elasticity and prevents photodamage.

TEGO® Natural Baicalin

A highly enriched extract suited for the treatment of very dry skin conditions alleviating inflammatory reactions.

TEGO® Natural Citrus

Highly enriched plant extract with good antioxidative effect for a radiant and harmonized skin appearance.

TEGO® Natural Matricaria

The highly enriched extract of Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower increases dermal density and elasticity and is suited for age-defying skin care solutions.

TEGO® Natural Phloretin

Highly enriched extract with energizing antioxidative properties for a healthy-looking skin with additional skin defense potential.

HyaCare® Tremella

Natural hyaluronic acid mimetic with great moisturization and exceptional water retention properties.