Integrated solutions for the Covid-19 situation

Focus: Maskne

Nowadays, consumers wear face covers daily, as well-known research institutes such as the WHO recommend to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These face covers offer a line of protection during the pandemic but can subsequently lead to several skin issues with its frequent use.

Especially the friction, pressure and rubbing of the face mask combined with the humidity beneath, creates perfect conditions for skin irritation resulting in blemishes and high sensitivity of the skin. The term ‘maskne’ – a combination of mask and acne – is currently used to describe these conditions and is a hot topic on social media and news channels.

This market insight focuses on solutions bringing back a healthy skin appearance with the power of gentle facial care as well as gentle cleaning for textile face masks to minimize or prevent ‘maskne’.

We cover a range of exciting formulations starting from a mild cleanser to a soothing daily care fitting the skin type to on-demand treatments as powerful partner for special skin needs. With this consumers will enjoy dedicating a little extra time for their skin spa in uncertain times!

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