A Natural Formulator's Guide – Color Cosmetics Edition

The bold return of color cosmetics is upon us. Tiktokers are playing with color in both minimal chic and retro bold styles alike, and while these looks are vastly different, the demand for cosmetic brands to develop high performing, natural, and transparent products is transcendent across color trends.


Consumers are now more than ever seeking education and clarity around the ingredients they both put in and on their bodies. This conscientiousness for healthy, safe and high performing products extends into their cosmetic routines. Formulating with natural and sustainable ingredients has become a must within personal care products, and that greatly includes color cosmetics!


With the relaunch of this concept, the team presents you next level color cosmetic formulations innovatively created with selected natural-standard ingredients and substantiated performance for conscious beauty consumers. At Evonik, we value transparency and have provided detailed information on natural origin content calculations. All formulations have a natural origin content calculation of greater than 98% aligning with naturality guidelines (ISO 16128), and several are developed according to qualitative and quantitative requirements of NATRUE Natural Cosmetics and/or COSMOS Natural.

  • Perfection Primer 
  • Silky Slide-on Foundation
  • Protection Foundation
  • Infallible Sleek Powder
  • Maximizing Waterproof Mascara
  • Satin Multibalm
  • Bordeaux Lasting Lip Stain


Natural Perfection Primer | Redness neutralizing and wrinkle blurring skin prep for a radiant day

A wrinkle blurring regiment for neutralizing skin redness that feels so light that it feels like your own skin. This “second skin” sensory experience is perfected by TEGO® Care PBS 6 MB, a natural O/W emulsifier, supported from enzymatically produced dermofeel® sensolv MB and Evonik emollients. This perfecting primer’s functional performance is powered by HyaCare® Tremella, TEGO® Feel C 10 and Natural botanicals for wrinkle blurring, skin radiance and even skin tone.


Natural Silky Slide-on Foundation | Delightfully thin and silky coverage via droplet application

This silky foundation slides on with ease due to its unbelievably low viscosity stabilized by ISOLAN® GPS, a robust W/O natural emulsifier, while maintaining its pigment. The spreadablity and skin tone correcting capacity of this formula is enhanced by the botanical, TEGO® enlight, while the delightfully light sensory and smooth texture are enabled by dermofeel® sensolv MB and TEGO® Feel C 10, both produced with minimal carbon footprint.


Natural Protection Foundation | Your daily wear for skin tone perfection and UV protection!

Protect yourself from environmental stressors with this multi-functional foundation with superior wearability thanks to TEGO® FILMSTAR One MB, our all-NATURAL shield, in combination with ISOLAN® GPS, a polyglyceryl W/O emulsifier. Phytosphingosine is added to this formulation to calm and soothe the skin, while TEGO® Natural Betaine adds osmo-protection. Lastly, the dermofeel® TocoBalance in this foundation provides unyielding antioxidation protection for both product and skin.  

Natural Infallible Sleek Powder | Soft and sleek finish for any look!

This soft and sleek finishing powder is optimized by TEGO® Feel C 10,  a natural cellulose alternative to micro-plastics, for a mattifying effect, as well as a set of carefully chosen natural powders for flawless application. In its loose form, this natural setting powder is protected by dermosoft® Pentiol eco. In its pressed form, this product is enhanced by Phenethylalcohol nat., a natural antimicrobial and TEGO® Turmerone,  a botanical with healthy ageing benefits, for satisfying flowability, easy application and a light floral aroma. Whether this natural powder is applied loose or pressed, it is the perfect punctuation to finish any look!


Natural Maximizing Waterproof Mascara | Naturally full lashes, naturally full performance!

Powered by new natural technologies, this mascara expands sustainability boundaries without sacrificing performance. TEGO® FILMSTAR One MB naturally supports water-resistance, lash lengthening, and lash volumizing. Additionally, this fantastic formula aids in long-term eyelash lengthening with TEGO® Natural Matricaria.  Lastly, dermosoft® Pentiol eco and dermosoft® anisate eco provide antimicrobial protection even above pH 6. This mascara truly maximizes it all!


Natural Satin Multibalm | All-in-one warmth for lips, cheeks, and lids

This multibalm is the perfect all-in-one solution for adding a quick touch of warmth to the lips or an added flush to cheeks and eye lids. dermofeel® viscolid MB is the key ingredient for this formula, providing stability and self-leveling for manufacturing ease. This natural multibalm has a sultry satin feel created by best in class natural W/O emulsifier,  ISOLAN® 17 MB, and is supported by dermofeel® sensolv MB,as well as TEGO® Feel C 10.


Natural Bordeaux Lasting Lip Stain | All day kissable lip color!

This lasting lip stain is the all-day transfer proof lip color you have been looking for. Compared to conventional oil-based systems, this natural lip formulation opens a new page for natural with dermofeel® GO Soft, a natural emulsifier for W/O emulsions which supports pigment wetting. Additionally, our natural film former, TEGO® FILMSTAR One MB, highly increases the performance of lasting and transfer proof color. This lip stain is enhanced with TEGOSOFT® OER MB from our enzymatic emollient portfolio, to give a luxurious glide on application and glossy finish for kissable lips!

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