Formulation Concepts

Naturally grown, gently clean. 

PureSeedling (Mild Hygiene Care for the Little Ones) 

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your little one, especially when it comes to their delicate skin and hair. That's why it's important to choose the right cleansing and conditioning products that are gentle and safe for babies and children. Very mild formulations, such as baby shampoo, body wash, are designed to cleanse and moisturize without causing irritation or dryness. These gentle products are perfect for sensitive skin and can help keep your baby's hair and skin clean, soft, and healthy.

Market Background 

In the world of baby and children's hygiene products, sales revenues saw an increase of approximately 9% in 2022 to $2.1B, while the global volume of these products remained steady at around 213 KMT. The stagnation in volume is commonly attributed to inflation and a declining birthrate in developed countries. Despite these obstacles, brands are pushing the boundaries of innovation to establish a strong brand identity through environmental and social responsibility and expand their label claims to include premium and age-differentiated product lines that meet the demands of modern consumers. 

In addition to the crucial mildness requirement, these innovations include using natural and organic ingredients, tailoring products to specific age groups for targeted solutions, emphasizing the emotional benefits of their products, and incorporating playful textures and educational cleansing to create a deeper connection with parents and caregivers who want nothing but the best for their little ones. While actives and botanical extracts are still important for promotional purposes, mild biodegradable biosurfactants are gaining attention in the marketplace for their effectiveness, exceptional mildness, and unmatched eco-friendliness. As consumers become more conscious of the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment, brands that incorporate sustainable and biodegradable ingredients into their products are likely to gain a competitive edge. 

Concept Descriptions 

PureSeedling offers a comprehensive range of gentle cleansing and conditioning formulations for wash, shampoo and conditioners that cater to the unique needs of babies and children.

These mild formulations can be positioned into three sections:

Sustainable Care

Wisdom Sprout

Playful Paradise

Highlight gentle prototypes with high natural content and eco-friendly ingredients that meet market demand

Offering sulfate-free and PEG-free formulations with proven mildness (RBC testing) and specific performance data

Fun and playful application formats enhance kids' sensory experiences

Parents can choose formulations that align with their values and preferences. The Sustainable Care section offers eco-friendly formulations with high natural content, while the Wisdom Sprout section displays formulations without ingredients that have negative press, with proven mildness from RBC (Red Blood Cell testing) and other specific performance data. Older kids can enjoy the user experience of the Playful Paradise section, which offers fun application formats to enhance their sensory experience.

Factors that influence parent’s choices​

  • Delicate and thin​
    Baby skin is delicate and needs extra hydration while developing its natural barrier protection​
  • Professional opinions matter​
    Insights and data are important to ensure safety and effectiveness​
  • Gentle formulas without tears​
    Tear-free is a requirement. There is a need for mild formulations without fragrance or harmful ingredients for both the baby and the planet.  ​
  • Easy to use​
    Parents want convenient and safe no-rinse or easy to rinse baby wash and other products

PureSeedling provides a solution for families with different needs, ensuring that every child can enjoy gentle and effective care. 

Ingredient Highlights 


High-performing, multifunctional rhamnolipids with excellent foaming, cleansing, and solubilizing properties. This mild biosurfactant is ideal for baby and children cleansing applications designed to reduce negative environmental impacts. 


This acid-rich sophorolipid offers outstanding cleansing performance and good rinseability. SOPHANCE® LA-A is the perfect choice for applications that require additional mildness, especially near the eye area or on sensitive skin, as it is gentle on the skin, mucous membranes, and eyes. 

TEGO® Remo 95 MB 

A natural-based thickener with emollient properties provides efficient thickening and skin conditioning properties at the same time. 

VARISOFT® ester quats 

Readily biodegradable ester quats with very good conditioning performance which removes tangles and improves combing for young children. 


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