Textures to spark your creativity

Update: Skin care textures 2022

With innovative textures for a vibrant skin feeling, consumers can enjoy their daily beauty routine even more. Exciting and surprising textures such as creams that transform into a nurturing oil film during application on the skin, engage through additional sensory experiences with consumers. With this concept, Evonik provides a range of innovative and surprising texture formulations. As the demand for natural solutions continues to increase, the concept offers additional natural texture formulations.

Evonik has created a broad portfolio of exemplary formulas for skin care products with exciting and engaging textures. These have been developed by Evonik’s highly trained cosmetic specialists in different regions in order to meet the versatile needs of consumers worldwide. The concept is based on the wide range of applications and effectiveness of the different emulsifiers produced by Evonik. It offers inspirations for sun care applications and natural texture formulations for various market segments.

Go with it

For example, you can just go with it! The ‘Natural Sun Protection Stick’ is easy to use and offers consumers a less messy and convenient solution to protect their skin from the sun. This natural sun care covers the trend of a water-free stick formulation and provides a smooth, even and colorless distribution on the skin. The balanced sensory profile is achieved by the combination of emollients like TEGOSOFT® OER MB and TEGOSOFT® DC MB which are fully based on renewable sources.

In order to serve the needs and desires of conscious consumers, Evonik developed a range of innovative, natural texture formulations. The ‘Pink Moisturizing Marshmallow Pack’ shows a playful bouncing soufflé effect. dermofeel® easymuls plus and dermofeel® viscolid MB are the ideal non-whitening combination for higher viscous emulsions.

Keep it simple

In order to serve the needs and desires of conscious consumers, Evonik developed a range of innovative, natural texture formulations. You can keep it simple with the ‘Essential elegance face care’. The creamy formula transforms during application on the skin into visible water droplets, adding a slight cooling effect. This is possible due to the usage of ISOLAN® 17 MB that enables fully natural formulations of stable and versatile natural quick-break emulsions.

Stay matte

If it is your time to shine but you also want to stay matte, go for the ‘Perfectly matte - natural cream to powder make up’. It appears like a cream foundation and transforms into a powdery super dry and high coverage make-up during application. A fully natural oil gel based formulation on dermofeel® viscolid MB, where the oil is fully absorbed by TEGO® Feel C 10 in the transformation phase.

The ‘Skin care textures to spark your creativity’ concept covers an exclusive selection of exciting and easy-to-implement sample formulations, offering Evonik customers the opportunity to engage with consumers on a new level. This is what we call “The Soul & Science of Beauty”.