UV protection through inorganic inspiration

Play under the sun with innovative formats using inorganic filters

Did you remember to apply sunscreen the last time you went for a run? Or played a sport outside? Sunscreen use was historically associated with vacations at the beach, but today’s consumers have greater awareness of the harmful skin care effects of over-exposure to the sun.

This is leading to greater acceptance and compliance in the use of sun care products for their busy, active lifestyles. But as sunscreen use has become more prominent, its environmental impact has also gained more scrutiny. In the United States, states like Hawaii, cities like Key West in Florida, and even large retailers like US firm CVS have moved to ban or remove the use of some organic UV filters in sunscreen products that were found by researchers at the University of Maryland’s Center for Environmental Science to adversely impact the health of coral reefs. Given these dynamics, it is no surprise that the market has seen a shift towards use of inorganic filters in new sun care product launches in North America. Consumer studies also suggest a preference for physical sunscreens (over chemical sunscreens) in China, for instance.

When you think about inorganic sun-filter based sunscreens, you may have scary recollections from the past of heavy creams that were whitening and were difficult to spread on skin. But consumers have higher expectations today. In addition to UV protection, consumers seek innovative formats that make sunscreens fun, enjoyable, and convenient to use. To help formulators further explore innovative formats using inorganic filters, Evonik is launching a collection of five new inspirational formulations that demonstrate how one can achieve effective sun protection that employs inorganic sun filters in ways that can excite consumer interest.

For instance, our Ultra-Sun Body Butter allows consumers to reach for their beach towels with SPF 50 protection along with an elegant body butter feel. Those seeking on-the-go convenience can instead try the Daily Sun-Guard Stick, whose composition provides a smooth application feel along with UV protection and water resistance. And others seeking to relax can bathe their skin with the UV Milk Shield Radiant Skin, which is a milk that provides a caring feel along with sun protection from both inorganic UV filters and a powerful plant-based antioxidant. The Opalescence Body Bronzing Powder helps those seeking to start the evening early with a visually rich and sensorially matifying bronzing powder that provides UV protection while supporting the skin microbiome. And for consumers more attuned to the environment, the Natural Sun Cream allows consumers to enjoy the sun with no compromise through a system that meets high ISO 16128 naturality along with UV protection benefits.