CAREtain®able Formulations

Ways to make sustainability tangible

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the role their consumption choices play in a sustainable lifestyle. As a result, the eco profile of cosmetic products is also moving further into their focus.

With the growing relevance of the sustainability profile of a cosmetic product, product developers may be asking themselves how to implement this subject when creating a cosmetic formulation.

In this concept we would like to inspire you with a holistic approach to sustainability in cosmetic product design. Our CAREtain®able formulations are the tangible result of combining different aspects that can be considered for ingredient choice, manufacturing procedures and the positioning of the product in the market.

You will find formulations for a full “sustainable care routine” in one place, because our experts for leave-on, rinse-off, and product protection joined their forces for this concept. Explore different product types that will cover the basic skin and hair care needs of most consumers: from different textures for face and body care to multi-purpose applications or solid rinse-off products.

There is even more to discover: gain insights into the elements of our CAREtain® approach that provide you with support for your formulation design, such as our CAREtain® Toolbox. Learn how these tools support sustainable product design and ease the formulators’ lives.

From there we continue with the journey of developing an “eco designed formula”. An overview of the formulations is followed by the different criteria that we have selected to improve the ECO profile of formulations. Then we dive into every single formula and the chosen ingredients. In a comprehensive way, you will find guidance with each formulation on which aspects are in focus for the eco-optimization of the development work, during the production and when putting together the final product communication.

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