Cleansing & conditioning formulations nature will love

Water responsible beauty

For numerous different reasons water is becoming a scarce and precious resource. Rising consumer awareness is pushing brands to work harder to protect the planet’s natural water resources and to create more sustainable solutions.

  • Cleansing and conditioning formulations that take care of our precious clean water resources
  • Benefits: New opportunities to engage in sustainability and support eco-conscious consumers
  • The challenge: To formulate appropriate products that take care of our limited water resources
  • Evonik’s Solution: different formulation approaches to conserve our water resources
  • Product highlights: TEGO® Betain 810, RHEANCE® One, VARISOFT® EQ 100

70% of our planet’s surface is covered by water, but only a small percentage of this (about 0.3%) is usable for humans. Increased population growth has led to increased water consumption and the impact of global climate change has meant that it has become even more crucial to use our water resources wisely. Taking the growing environmental awareness of consumers into account, manufacturers should shift their focus to alternative solutions – one of these being switching to products that take care of our limited water resources. To save water and to limit their dependence on it, cosmetic companies will need to change how they formulate and manufacture products.Evonik’s new cleansing and conditioning formulation concept offers a range of 10 innovative solutions. It covers three different approaches to conserve our water resources.

1. “Waterless” are formulations that do not contain added water.

One example of such formulation type is the Solid Conditioner, a concentrated formula that is lighter to transport, reducing carbon footprint while shipped. It is highly efficient due to its high concentrated formula, resulting in lower consumption per application. Besides this, it is travel-friendly due to its leak-free format. This Solid Conditioner contains VARISOFT® EQ 100, a high performance conditioner with improved sustainability profile.

2. Formulations for low water usage contain/require only a little amount of water (for usage).

A prime example is the Foam Conditioner which is faster to rinse compared to a standard conditioner rinse - saving water and energy. This innovative texture and unique product form of a conditioner, with very dense and fine foam, gives an exciting experience.

3. Non-rinse formulas can be used and applied without water.

A very typical and at the same time trendy application format of this category are micellar waters. Our very mild Micellar Water for Facial Cleansing provides the benefits of a 3-in-1 product. It cleanses, removes make-up very efficiently (even water-proof) and moisturizes. The environmental benefit is that this multi-benefit use results in fewer products needed, and less waste. Since no rinsing is required there is no water consumption during the application. This formula features TEGO® Betain 810, an extremely mild and preservative-free, non-irritant surfactant.

All of these concept formulations help to support the shift towards more sustainable solutions and facilitate the change we currently see in the cosmetic industry. At the same time, this market trend supports eco-conscious consumers to broaden their awareness for water conservation. This is what we call the Soul & Science of Beauty.