Topic of the month december 2018

Micellar water


Micellar waters can be found in the market for quite some time now. They have become a major trend across the globe, and still have more potential to grow. But what are micellar waters exactly? Micellar water are facial cleansers, which are easily incorporated into our daily beauty routines, which only consist of very few ingredients – the biggest part being water, followed by the most important one - a mild surfactant/solubilizer. Above a certain concentration of this amphiphilic substance in water, the critical micelle concentration, tiny, invisible micelles form spontaneously. These micelles, or better, the single molecules building a micelle, are needed to efficiently clean the face, as the hydrophobic part loves and absorbs dirt, oils, make-up and sebum.

But micellar waters are not only convenient facial cleansers, they are multifunctional and can do much more:


Micellar waters are made with mild surfactants that keep the skin barrier intact when left on the skin. The biggest benefit therefore is that they don‘t need to be rinsed off. This helps save water, and we all know how important this is for the planet.
Removing the need to rinse after use makes micellar water a game-changing solution in every situation where facial cleansing might be necessary. A few examples include: traveling and having no opportunity to cleanse or refresh, coming home late and tired after a night out without wanting to go through a lengthy cleansing routine, or being at a festival with no possibility to cleanse or shower properly.


Going to bed with your make up still on can clog the pores in your skin and trigger acne. Therefore, it is very important to always remove your make-up before going to bed. Even though micellar waters are very mild to the skin, they are still very effective in removing even the toughest to remove waterproof make-up.


Getting up in the morning, most people wash their faces to remove oils, dirt and sebum, that settled down overnight. Using harsh cleansers can impact the skin barrier, causing irritations and dry skin. With micellar water cleansers you do not need to worry about your skin, but also do not need to compromise on the efficacy.


When active ingredients are incorporated into the micellar water, this can have additional skin benefits. One can think of moisturizing or energizing ingredients or small amounts of plant extracts or oils to soothe the skin and further prevent skin irritations.

At Evonik Personal Care we can offer multiple ingredients for micellar cleansing formulations. The following table shows you an overview of suitable, PEG-free and 100% plant-based surfactants/solubilizers for your application:

Product of the month


With this year’s RHEANCE® One product launch, Evonik has achieved a tremendous breakthrough in the natural cosmetic ingredients technology. Based on nature-identical biomolecules made only from the fermentation of sugars and therefore 100% based on renewable feedstocks, the high-performance Glycolipid stands for a new era for the cosmetic ingredients industry.

It provides high cleansing, while at the same time a remarkable mildness to the skin, making it the ideal ingredient for micellar water formulations. RHEANCE® One was shown to efficiently remove long-lasting and waterproof make-up.

Formulation of the month

Pure micellar water, PEG-free (AM 13/16) (pdf, 58 KB)

FIVE ingredients! Five ingredients is all it needs to gently but effectively clean your face. Next to the mild cleansing achieved by RHEANCE® One, the skin is also moisturized by TEGO® Natural Betaine, a natural amino acid derivative with a strong water binding capacity, ensuring the skin’s moisture is retained. The formulation is exceptionally easy to process and contains only ingredients based on renewable resources.