The natural hair care routine

An increasing proportion of consumers favor using natural ingredients and certified natural cosmetics. Formulating modern and appealing products to meet these needs that also fall within the guidelines of natural cosmetics certification standards can be a challenge. This is often due to a limited choice of approved ingredients and complex requirements for the product composition.

When developing natural cosmetics, there are certain product groups that pose special challenges for the formulator. Hair care is one of these groups because hair care products need to fulfill so many different functions. The goal is to find a balance between the different desired properties all within one product, from sensory to application, rinsability and performance.

The hair care category is also one of the fastest growing segments in the market for personal care products.

On the one hand, there are basic products that are at the heart of every routine, such as shampoo and conditioner. 83% of consumers report that they use a regular shampoo at home and use it daily or multiple times per week (Source: Lightspeed/Mintel). A growing number of new product launches mirror the consumers’ willingness to try new products. Hence, these products need to convince the user during the first application to avoid the switch to an alternative product.

However, on the other hand, the hair care category also offers opportunities for new formats and exciting textures. Realizing trendy formulation ideas in accordance with the guidelines for certified natural cosmetics will satisfy the consumers seeking natural, but modern and innovative products.


The basic step: shampoo

The foundation of every hair care routine relieves the scalp and hair from sebum, dirt and smells.

Plus, for natural hair care products, the combination of using a cleansing shampoo with a matching conditioner is an ideal solution to get the best performance out of each product.

The partner you need: conditioner

After shampooing it can be applied and specifically targeted to the lengths and tips where the care is needed most.

Refreshment between washes: dry shampoo

This little helper gives instant refreshment to the hair strands and elongates the time until the next hair wash is needed.

The extra: treatment mask

Rich and nourishing care to boost moisture and revive stressed hair.

Take care up there: scalp tonic

Scalp care is getting more into focus to improve wellbeing or tackle specific hair and scalp conditions. A tonic can help to soothe the skin of the scalp and deliver targeted active ingredients directly to the hair roots.

Everything in place: hair wax

Prepare for the day by finishing the look of the hair by styling. A wax enhances the look of the hair by accentuating parts and giving it additional texture.

This is hair care, too! Shaving stick

Regardless of gender or part of the body, most consumers need a product that helps to protect the skin during shaving.

Are you wondering how to create all these products for natural cosmetics? With novel ingredient solutions and formulation know-how, it is possible to create modern natural cosmetic products. Navigate your way to our new Natural Formulator’s Guide concept and find inspiration, as well as tips and tricks to help you deliver the certified natural cosmetics today’s consumers want.


The Natural clear and pure shampoo was formulated using our new rheology modifier TEGO® Remo 95 MB to create pleasant flow characteristics. A balanced surfactant combination provides good cleansing properties and creates a creamy foam.

For a quick freshen-up and a clean look, dry shampoos have become increasingly popular. The Natural compact dry shampoo is now even more convenient and available in a portable format. The natural cellulose TEGO® Feel C 10 absorbs the sebum from the hair.

For an extra intensive treatment overnight, our Natural pre-wash hair mask takes traditional hair care to the next level: A combination of caring vegetable oils is transformed into a convenient oil gel, thanks to dermofeel® viscolid MB The mask can be applied to dry hair before nighttime. Rinse off in the shower in the morning. The balm emulsifies in contact with water and facilitates the rinsing. Shampooing is necessary to remove excess oil and not to weigh down the hair.

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