SimDerma® Platform

SimDerma® is a screening system that includes multiple laboratory assays. This tool has been developed to identify novel biological activities for cosmetic and skincare products.

The main objective of SimDerma® is to meet the needs and trends of cosmetic market according to scientific evidences. Therefore, SimDerma® is a dynamic tool that implements novel targets based on cosmetic industry requirements.

SimDerma® platform offers a wide and fast overview of ingredient activities for skin care.

BENEFITS SimDerma® Platform

SimDerma® platform offers a behavior overview of ingredients and extracts, speeding up the time to market for cosmetic product development.

This unique screening tool allows customers to understand the potential application for cosmetic ingredients and expand their ingredient claims supported by scientific efficacy validation.

Laboratory experiments and cosmetic claims are matched based on scientific publications and bibliography, therefore translational research is applied.


  • QUICK INGREDIENT BEHAVIOR OVERVIEW - scientific evaluation in a short term
  • COMPETITIVE PRICE - due to process standardization
  • FAST TIME TO MARKET - through quick screening for claim substantiation
  • SUPERIOR CLAIM SUPPORT - data-driven innovation processes
  • SCIENTIFIC EFFICACY VALIDATION - highly scientific efficacy evaluation
  • TRANSLATIONAL & APPLIED TECHNOLOGY - through the experimental targets


SimDerma® is an in vitro multiparametric platform that  includes multiple experiments related to 17 key cosmetic targets and clustered in 7 skin claims, which are offered to better characterization of cosmetic active ingredients and extracts.

A large collection of proprietary cell lines are used in SimDerma® assays. Laboratory protocols developed in house have been implemented for each single assay.


The assays included in SimDerma® platform are focused on the main biological activity areas for cosmetic ingredient discovery. All experiments included in SimDerma® are matched in 17 cosmetic targets and included in 7 different claim groups.

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