Press release
Personal Care
April 13, 2007

In-Cosmetics 2007 – Active Ingredient Innovations by Degussa

Skinmimics® and HyaCare® 50

Performance and market driven research within Degussa's business line Goldschmidt Personal Care leads to the introduction of two new and innovative active ingredients that offer appearance enhancing and age defying results.

Strongly supported by scientific foundation such as DNA chips technology, skin biopsies and relevant in vivo studies, benefits of Skinmimics® and HyaCare® 50 will be presented during the In-Cosmetics 2007.

Recognizing the specific needs of mature skin, Goldschmidt Personal Care has designed Skinmimics®, a unique and high tech combination of active ingredients to fulfill the expectations of today's and tomorrow’s consumers, the joy of feeling young and healthy. Skinmimics® is a unique multi-lamellar concentrate based on Degussa’s advanced Ceramide technology and the newly identified Sphingokines® molecules.

Skinmimics® provides mature skin protection by correction and repair of membrane defects of the stratum corneum lipid barrier, prevention by supplementation of skin’s own precursor substances to finally activate the skin lipid synthesis and regeneration by stimulation of the epidermal renewal and repair, especially aquaporin 3. Skinmimics® will help mature skin to be revitalized by optimizing the total epidermal management system.

HyaCare® 50
The second active ingredient is HyaCare® 50, a new very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. HyaCare® 50 shows an increased permeation through the skin compared to high molecular weight hyaluronic acid leading to the activation of a significant number of genes on DNA chips analysis.

In-vivo, HyaCare® 50 rejuvenates the skin by improving its viscoelastic properties and significantly decreasing deep wrinkles - which makes it an ideal anti-winkles ingredient without injection! HyaCare® 50 is produced by fermentation of Bacillus subtilisis using an environmentally friendly, solvent free aqueous recovery process.


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