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Even if circumstances are currently very different to what we are used to, we would like to inspire you with new products, offer solutions and share our latest formulation concepts. Check this preview and feel free to contact our sales team or dive intoBeauty® to find out more. We are looking forward to exchange!

TEGO® Remo 95 MB: A natural-based thickener with emollient properties

Some things are better thick! TEGO® Remo 95 MB is a natural-based thickener with emollient properties. This new and unique natural-based product is the ideal choice if you are looking for a thickener that combines thickening, emollient properties and environmental benefits. It provides energy saving and reduction of the carbon footprint during processing.

TEGODEO® A30 eco: Odor absorber compliant with certified natural cosmetics

This new highly effective product combines the high efficacy in odor absorption, already known for the zinc salts of ricinoleic acid, with our expertise with natural derived ingredients and their incorporation into formulations. This blend is especially suitable for clear aqueous and hydro-alcoholic formulations.

TEGO® Turmerone ORG: The golden spice of India

The new TEGO® Turmerone ORG uses an advanced extraction process to provide a solution with lower odor and improved color profile without altering the efficacy of the underlying botanical. Among the benefits of the product it supports the skin’s oxidative defense systems and improves the radiance and evenness of skin tone.

New products from The Ceramide Expert

Bodyflux® Olive – Ceramides powered by organic olive oil
This new advanced ceramide complex derived from organic olive oil targeted to provide excellent moisturization benefits for body and skin care applications. Consumers can now enjoy the protective power of ceramides in the context of the natural aesthetic of natural oils across a broad range of their cosmetic products.

CERAMIDE III EP MB - Empower your skin’s defense
This new ceramide addition to Evonik’s market leading range of single ceramide offerings is specifically designed to enable broader adoption of skin barrier-related benefits of CERAMIDE III across a broader range of skin care applications.

Inspiring ways to future orientated formulations

To stabilize almost anything! Todays challenge is to formulate eco-friendly and satisfy next-generation expectations. This new concept offers formulations for different market applications based on functional ingredients that provide environmental benefits. Get inspired by the benefits of this selection that resonates with beauty users.

Take care of your hands

In today’s unusual times we all need to wash our hands more regularly than perhaps we did before. But, because of all these extra hand washing routines our hands are starting to get overly dry. This collection focuses on hand cleansing and hand care formulations.

Take care of your face

Nowadays, further measures are necessary to protect the skin as consumers wear face covers daily. Face covers offer a line of protection during this crisis but can subsequently lead to potential skin irritation and inflammation with its frequent use. This collection focuses on tried and true ingredients for facial care during the day and night to leave comprise skin behind.