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in-cosmetics ASIA 2018

AGAIN! Gold award for Best Functional Ingredient goes to RHEANCE® One

For an amazing second time this year, our RHEANCE® One Glycolipids have been awarded with the Best Functional Ingredient Gold Award - this time at #incosAsia. Find out more about our gamechanging technology:

Presented for the first time in Amsterdam, this substance from the glycolipid family can be used for cleaning skin and hair gently yet effectively. This also makes it suitable for challenging skin types.

RHEANCE® One is produced via fermentation—with sugar as the sole source of carbohydrates. Production does not require the addition of any tropical oils. This gives the product the advantage of being both natural and sustainable. Its positive application properties include a dense, creamy foam and a pleasant, natural feel on the skin. The glycolipid is completely biodegradable and offers extremely good environmental compatibility.

The jury for the Innovation Zone Best Ingredients Awards at incosmetics Asia 2018 recognized that RHEANCE® does an outstanding job of meeting the demands of innovative science and product properties that add value for manufacturers and end consumers.