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Personal Care
June 15, 2012

TEGO® Feel Green: The all natural sensory additive

TEGO® Feel Green transforms even demanding formulations into homogenous textures that leave a pleasant after feel.

  • 100% natural, from renewable raw materials
  • No derivatization or covalent chemical modification
  • Excellent oil and water absorption
  • Highly effective

“And how does it feel?" – With skin care products, sensory experiences are one of the most important factors when it comes to competing for popularity among consumers. In fact, the sensory aspect is considered long before the question of effectiveness arises. "How does it feel on your fingers and skin? Before, during and after application?"

Successful products are easily applied, quickly absorbed and leave a pleasant after feel. Added to this, if the consumer knows that a product is natural, this awareness in itself enhances the sensory experience during application. Evonik has developed TEGO® Feel Green in order to deliver optimal sensory properties. It is a completely natural sensory additive with an outstanding performance profile.
TEGO® Feel Green has a cellulose content of over 99%. The cellulose is sourced from certified, sustainably managed forests. It is made into a highly effective sensory additive – not a thickening agent – without any derivatization or covalent chemical modification. Particularly suitable for formulations with a negative sensory profile or high humectant content or indeed formulations in oils, TEGO® Feel Green improves absorption on the skin and reduces tackiness, greasiness and oiliness. 

Foregoing synthetic manufacturing processes and additional chemical modifications, and based entirely on renewable raw materials, TEGO® Feel Green has been developed in full sight of sustainability and natural cosmetics trends. It is especially suited for use in O/W formulations such as emulsions, facial care products, men’s skin care products, serums, sun care products, make-up foundations and deodorants. 

Given its high efficiency, TEGO® Feel Green provides excellent results, even with low usage concentrations. It is defined by further special properties that make it easier to process. The odorless, white soft powder contains particularly small, smooth particles with an average size of around 8 µm that remain as such in the formulation. The additive can be combined with other powders or pigments and has no – or only minimal – influence on the viscosity of the overall formulation. 

New TEGO® Feel Green is Evonik’s answer to the sensory challenges of successful skin care products. The natural way to a balanced, pleasant texture that provides an outstanding after feel.

For more information, please contact:
Lisa Dierks, Associate Marketing Manager Communication/Personal Care
Evonik Industries AG
Phone: +49(0)201 173 3170, or visit our website

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