In-cosmetics global in Paris

Evonik at in-cosmetics 2024

Join Evonik and learn why we are your preferred sustainable specialties partner.

We look forward to connecting with you – our customers and partners – and finding out about your challenges and needs. Sustainability drives us, innovation inspires us and collaboration defines us. 

At Evonik, we’re excited to showcase our latest innovations and solutions at                     in-cosmetics® global. ​

  • Learn about our ECOHANCE® program, which empowers communities and preserves nature through alternative feedstocks.​
  • Our glycolipid biosurfactants are pioneering a new era of surfactants, offering a more sustainable alternative to conventional surfactants. ​
  • With 30 years of experience, we’re proud to share our ceramides, decoding skin and hair to offer unique benefits for personal care products. ​
  • For those seeking highly customizable botanical solutions, our botanicals and natural actives combine the power of nature with cutting-edge technology. ​
  • And we are thrilled to introduce our vegan collagen, a true hero ingredient for sustainability and supply security. ​
  • But that’s not all! From novel active ingredients to our Service Solutions offering, we’re inspired by innovation and driven by sustainability.


Come see us at the in-cosmetics® global and discover more!


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Sustainability Zone Theatre, Tuesday, April 16, 4:00-4:30 pm

As sustainable specialties partner, we offer a broad range of solutions for the beauty and personal care market. Our active ingredients for skin- and haircare are well recognized for their efficacy and high quality.

With our new line of botanical & natural actives we are expanding our efforts in plant based active ingredients. Recent acquisitions in the field have further strengthened our portfolio and innovative potential. Join our presentation and learn how we can work together to create more sustainable solutions for genuine natural beauty. 

Sustainability Zone Theatre, Wednesday, April 17, 1:00-1:30 pm 

Sustainability as a key factor in future product development is widely claimed in the cosmetic industry. To improve formulation sustainability, bio-based and biodegradable products can be used.

However, until now these products have been mainly based on first generation feedstocks. Products can be further optimized from a sustainable perspective if feedstocks have a positive impact by using a side stream or by creating positive social or ecological contributions when growing the feedstock.

As a pioneer in sustainability, Evonik introduced the ECOHANCE® program: A dedicated product range to enhance the use of next generation alternative feedstocks beyond sustainability. This will be presented in this webinar.

Theatre 1, Tuesday, April 16, 2:00-2:30 pm

Glycolipids are a class of natural surfactants that have gained attention due to their unique properties and potential applications in various industries. This overview highlights the different types of glycolipids and their differentiated values in different surfactant-based personal hygiene products. Glycolipids have been shown to be effective in removing dirt and oil from the skin with low irritation potential. The use of glycolipids in personal hygiene products can provide a natural and sustainable alternative to traditional surfactants, which often have negative environmental impacts. Overall, glycolipids have great potential in the personal hygiene industry due to their effectiveness, safety, and sustainability.