Cosmetics from mind to market

Cosmetic product development

Everything starts with your idea. Together we create your innovative cosmetic products. As partner, we support you with conceptional marketing design and cosmetic product development.

Our expertise for your unique cosmetic products

Innovation is key, and our goal is to support you with exceptional cosmetic product development. As a global corporation Evonik brings decades of scientific experience to the table. We own the competence to formulate natural high-quality skin and hair cosmetics, combined with the knowledge to develop made-to-measure beauty products with the most elegant textures. Our cosmetic experts have deep insights in the beauty industry, latest trends, and cosmetic product creation. Whether you are a Start-up or an established brand, we are passionate about every little detail that defines a successful new cosmetic product. Based on sustainable ingredients, safe and regulatory compliant products, we support your business to scale to the next level. We want you to become the next block buster in the beauty industry.

We scale your business

Cosmetic product development for all skin and hair types, and ages. Inclusive and diverse.

From vision to reality: As your partner, we combine your unique ideas with decades of cosmetic development experience in formulation development, regulatory compliance, and technology transfer. Our goal is to help you scale your business and deliver what could be the next bestseller in the beauty industry. With our global expert advisory team, we provide support throughout the process, ensuring that your product meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Let's work together to create outstanding cosmetic products that exceed your expectations.

Translating your vision into a real cosmetic product


At our company, we believe that your unique ideas are the starting point for creating exceptional cosmetic products. As your reliable partner, we work with you to bring your vision to life. Together, we carefully select raw materials, design formulations, and develop active ingredient concepts. We then test your cosmetic prototypes for stability, claims, and safety, and support you with technology transfer from the lab to production. Additionally, we cover registration, regulatory issues, and sustainability topics for you. Our goal is to help you scale your business to the next level and turn your idea into a successful product in the beauty industry. Let's work together to create exceptional cosmetic products that meet your vision.

Our formulation competences

        Advanced actives
        Innovative textures 
        Natural cosmetics


Our expertise for your unique cosmetic products:

skin, hair, body, sun care and more.

Clean beauty, natural cosmetics, sustainable cosmetic development

Green & Clean - Boost to growth in the cosmetics industry. Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable solutions for eco-friendly cosmetic products. Clean beauty isn't just about the ingredients you select, it's also about the development process from start to finish. We are aware of our responsibility and take social, ecological, and economic aspects into account throughout the entire cosmetic product development. That is why we offer certified natural cosmetics according to strict criteria and ensure a sustainable approach to natural formulation development. Evonik Care Solutions as your sustainable specialties partner is an advocate for sustainable cosmetics and processes, so we can help you get the best results for your eco-friendly skincare products. Our sustainability experts also support you in defining your sustainability strategy.

  • Formulated without microplastic, silicone, nano, GMO, parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEGs and petroleum derivatives
  • Sustainable effective ingredients
  • Natural formulations with exceptional textures without compromising performance
  • No animal testing

why you should work with us

Global expert
advisory team

Access to marketing and
active ingredient platform

Customized modular
service package

scaling support

Personal project
manager at all steps

Efficacy tested
active ingredients

formulation textures

Ownership of your

Legal notification
to cosmetic authorities

Regulatory and active
ingredients training

We are creating cosmetics from mind to market

We are a dedicated team of cosmetic experts working in cosmetic product development. Throughout the formulation development process we are committed to exceeding your expectations and perfectly transforming your cosmetic idea into reality. Our team is well connected in the cosmetic industry and highly familiar with the specialties of the ever-changing beauty products. We partner closely with you. As a partner in the cosmetic industry, we accompany the cosmetic formulation development process to ensure that your needs are fully met and that your cosmetic ideas are brought to life.

From left to right: Anette Menzel – Formulation and Business Development Manager, Gina Marin & Mathias Fredrich – Formulation Experts, Stephanie Facuri Formulation & Business Development Manager, Laura Piechowski – Customer Service, Dr. Sarah Hintermayer – Global Head of Service Solutions, Dr. Florian Meyer – Regulatory Expert

Feedback from our customers


“Amazing people (excellent
communication, supportive,
understanding) incredible knowledge
of the substance, and end products
that make miracles happen.
We love you all!"

CP Herbal Skin Care



"Competent in the field and quick understanding of the specific question.
We really appreciated the structured
approach to the preparation of the
project briefing. Thank you for the
professional cooperation."

Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH


"An intensive and very successful
cooperation - the professionalism of
the team inspires."

Agintas Asia GmbH


"The Evonik team has given us very
valuable support in the development
of our new cosmetics line."


Contact us

Anette Menzel
Global Business & Formulation Development Manager

Meet Anette, our expert in developing new business opportunities. She works with a dedicated team that is passionate about supporting customers throughout the entire process of bringing their cosmetic products to market. Anette's extensive knowledge of the industry and commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and support. From conception to launch, Anette and her team are with you every step of the way to ensure your success.