Product protection guidance on demand

Personal Care Protection Guide

Evonik’s digital Personal Care Protection Guide tool gives you more than just an indication of the right product protection. You can now get tailor-made preservation recommendations that suit your individual cosmetic formulation.

For more than three decades, Evonik dr.straetmans has been the specialist for alternative and natural preservation. With this tool we bring our offer of know-how and experience for product protection to the next digital level. Our tool provides you with direct access to an individualized orientation in our product portfolio.

With the launch of our newly designed and extended version of the Personal Care Protection Guide tool, you get access to our recommendations for antimicrobial product protection in an instant. By answering three questions regarding the type of your formulation, the tool gives you proven answers to your needs. By specifying whether you are formulating cosmetics close to nature or traditional cosmetics, the type of formulation, as well as the pH value, the tool will display carefully chosen recommendations for the preservative system.

On top of that, we have implemented a special and exciting function, once you select an emulsion type of formulation. When formulating an emulsion that contains an Evonik emulsifier, you can select the respective emulsifier in a fourth step. The shown recommendations are reliably tested through stability and microbiological safety. The results will always offer the choice of a dermosoft® multifunctional antimicrobial or a Verstatil® preservative blend solution.

Integrated into our customer interaction platform intobeauty®, the tool not only provides recommendations on how to ensure the antimicrobial safety of your formulation, but it also links to the relevant product information pages of the shown products, enabling you to deep dive into all the information and documentation you are interested in.

For any further advice, our Evonik dr.straetmans’ product protection experts are here to support you.