Redefining Rheology Control With Nature’s Touch


ECOHANCE® Remo XP is an eco-friendly multifunctional thickener

ECOHANCE® REMO XP is naturally versatile

ECOHANCE® Remo XP is a versatile and mild ingredient that functions as a rheology modifier, hydrophilic emollient, and sensory enhancer, making it a suitable option for personal hygiene products. ECOHANCE® Remo XP is part of a holistic supply chain that prioritizes responsible sourcing and ethical practices. The ingredient is produced using a low-energy enzymatic process that utilizes alternative feedstocks and post-industrial side streams, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for personal care products. Additionally, ECOHANCE® Remo XP is COSMOS NATURAL-approved, ensuring that it meets strict standards for natural and organic cosmetics.

Holistic Eco-friendly Value Chain
Holistic Eco-friendly Value Chain  

Performance-driven ECOHANCE® REMO XP benefiting your personal care brand  

ECOHANCE® Remo XP delivers efficient performance and can be utilized in a broad range of personal care applications, making it an excellent choice for brands that prioritize nature-derived and sustainable ingredients to create high-performing and environmentally conscious products.

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