Being An Inventor On Sustainability


Evonik’s most innovative product range to enhance next generation alternative feedstock utilization.

To develop next generation sustainable solutions, the biggest levers are among alternative feedstocks, either from bio-mass based alternatives, production residues or side streams, meanwhile upscaling and using those feedstocks to achieve superior environmental and consumer performance.

Evonik global scientists are continuously working on ECOHANCE® program. By combining Evonik’s expertise in personal care and sustainability, ECOHANCE® is finally born to lead significant breakthrough on sustainable solution in the oleochemical world. It ensures the multiplication and enhancement of next generation alternative feedstock and takes the environment all along the value chain with additional benefits and performance.

Utilize resources in the most efficient way



  • exploitation of natural reserves
  • scarcity of renewable feedstocks
  • missing transparency
  • slow technology transformation
  • biodiversity concerns human rights conflicts
  • high carbon impacte
  • utilize alternative 1st Gen. Feedstocks
  • explore 2.nd. Gen. resources
  • segregated supply chains
  • integrate smallholders
  • social compliance
  • carbon optimization
  • ramp up new technologies faster
  • optimize application impacts

Sustainable ingredients are no longer about just being “green”  

Key indicators for eco-optimized cosmetics need to be taken into consideration

  • Lowest carbon impact along the complete product life cycle including application and end of life
  • Complete transparency of supply chains, social- and environmental impact
  • No further land use change and optimized land occupation
  • Diversify feedstocks and foster biodiversity
  • Utilize available resources including residues and postindustrial side streams
  • Design for utmost consumer efficiency
  • ECOHANCE® is Evonik’s leading product range based on alternative feedstock utilization.
  • ECOHANCE® is another exiting product platform to represent next generation solutions to the cosmetic market.
  • ECOHANCE® products perfectly match the need of today to develop products with high performance and lowest environmental footprint.


  • sources bio-mass based alternatives, production residues and side streams.
  • preserves valuable nature reserves and carbon stocks.
  • drives biodiversity globally.

Supply Chain

  • enables fair integration of communities and traceable supply chains.
  • upscales and enhances more diverse sources through innovative processing.

High Performance

  • achieves utmost eco-application efficacy during manufacturing and consumer application.
  • designed for cosmetic performance and modern formulation concepts.

Leading beyond chemistry to make people’s lives better, day after day.

Please join us on this innovative sustainable journey!

ECOHANCE® Products