Taking a deeper look into consumer interest in ceramides

Mastering the art of Personal Care has always inspired consumers but understanding the science behind it has gained momentum over the last few years. Thanks to Social Media and search engines, consumers can now shape their own views on Beauty & Personal Care (BPC) products and their ingredients. Thus, it is more important than ever to understand consumers’ mindsets and attitudes towards cosmetic ingredients. A new consumer survey now sheds light on consumers’ perception of Ceramides and their priorities regarding products containing Ceramides.

Science-based information on cosmetic ingredients is only a click away

Consumers are becoming more aware of cosmetic ingredients and their benefits, increasingly paying more attention to the product composition when purchasing BPC products. With the rise of Skinfluencers, consumers enjoy an easier and simplified access to the scientific details of cosmetics and are consequently becoming more informed about cosmetic ingredients in general. According to a Mintel report1, 59% of Gen Z adults use TikTok to learn about beauty products. To gain a deeper understanding of how Ceramides are perceived by consumers, a consumer survey has been conducted in 8 countries: USA, Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France and the UK. 

Consumers’ interest & perception of products containing Ceramides

The most exciting finding of the survey is that consumers have a strong interest to purchase BPC products that contain Ceramides, confirming that it is a known and established ingredient worldwide. Consumers claim to often look to purchase products that contain Ceramides as well as being familiar with the ingredient’s benefits.

of respondents in China
often try to buy products
that contain Ceramides

of respondents in Brazil
agree Ceramides are
trendy ingredients

of respondents in the US are familiar with the benefits
of Ceramides

Source: Ceramides Consumer Study 2023| Toluna

Regarding Face and Body Care, we see consumers actively relating Ceramides to the benefits of hydration/moisturization, anti-aging as well as repair and strengthening of the skin barrier, which confirms their knowledge about the ingredient and reinforces the potential to further explore these claims. While the overall perception of Ceramides’ benefits is similar on a global level, some regional differences are noticeable. For example, consumers in Brazil link Ceramides to sunlight-/sunburn-affected skincare, while in China, for instance, consumers believe Ceramides can help reduce skin irritation, redness and sensitivity.

of Brazilian respondents
believe Ceramides are for Sunburn/Sunlight-
affected skincare

of Chinese respondents
believe Ceramides can help
reduce skin irritation/

of French respondents
believe Ceramides
contribute to

Source: Ceramides Consumer Study 2023 | Toluna

A curious insight the survey provides is that Ceramides are mostly seen as an ingredient for Face and Body Care around the world – except in Brazil, where consumers associate Ceramides mostly with Hair and Scalp Care.

When it comes to Ceramides for Hair Care, consumers link the ingredient to the benefits of hydration/moisturization, hair strengthening and repair. They also perceive Ceramides to be an effective ingredient for treating scalp conditions such as irritation, inflammation and itchiness. This is especially interesting, given a key Hair Care issue among the respondents seems to be a sensitive scalp. These findings show that there is a potential to further communicate the overall benefits of Ceramides in Hair and Scalp Care to consumers.

Preferences & decision drivers for consumers choice in BPC products containing Ceramides  

To understand consumers’ perception of and general need for Ceramides, the participants were asked which factors they believe accelerate the natural loss of Ceramides within the skin & hair the most. Three top factors have been determined within the survey and can be found in the document below.

As part of the survey, consumers´ priorities when purchasing products containing Ceramides were identified. The following key decision points have been determined:

  1. Proven efficacy – this confirms that consumers are becoming more informed and interested in the science behind cosmetics;
  2. Similar composition to skin and/or hair structure – this shows the need to further share information on Ceramides with consumers;
  3. Skin compatibility – a quite relevant aspect, considering sensitive skin is a key issue among consumers;
  4. Recommended by dermatologists – Ceramides have great potential in the dermocosmetics market;
  5. Cruelty-free – it is sensible to communicate Ceramides by highlighting sustainability-oriented aspects such as cruelty-free.

Gaining clarity on how consumers perceive Ceramide products

This Ceramides consumer survey provides many relevant insights that create a better understanding of the consumers’ perspective on this beloved active ingredient. Consumers are familiar with the benefits of Ceramides and actively try to integrate products with Ceramides into their self-care routines. This shows that Ceramides as a must-have ingredient! The most important decisive factor when purchasing BPC products containing Ceramides is the products’ proven efficacy – this finding encourages Evonik to continue educating consumers on the science behind Ceramides.

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1Mintel (2022). US Facial Skincare Market Report 2022.