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New Active ingredients

At Evonik, we never cease to work on innovative active ingredients that will make your brand stand out. Our newest launches will raise your products and storytelling to the next level. Explore our new active ingredients of 2024 below!

Our new active ingredients on intoBeauty®


Our Ceramides Hero For Your Hair Care

Due to UV irradiation, daily grooming, and passing of time, your hair loses essential lipids, causing your hair to become brittle and vulnerable to further damage. To fortify your hair against these daily stressors, we have created an innovative, powerful ceramide solution: HAIRMIMICS® Boost. Meet our oil-based and sustainability-driven hair care hero, boosting your hair's strength and resilience with proven efficacy.

Key benefits:

  • Increases hair's mechanical resistance for stronger, healthier strands
  • Revitalizes and enhances the appearance of damaged hair tips
  • Partly supports responsible sourcing  
  • Mimics the essential lipids in hair

Vecollage™ Fortify L  

The true face of collagen

Vecollage™ Fortify L is a revolutionary vegan collagen polypeptide that is identical to a carefully selected section of human collagen type III. It fortifies the skin matrix by preventing the age-related degradation of vital components of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and stimulating the biosynthesis of the most abundant collagen types. Produced by precision fermentation, Vecollage™ Fortify L offers a choice to consumers who want to maintain their skin's youthful appearance while also supporting ethical and conscious beauty practices.

Key benefits:

  • Guards against breakdown of ECM proteins
  • Promotes synthesis of collagen I and III, especially in the papillary dermis
  • Enhances collagen content in the skin 
  • Simple & traceable fermentation process based on renewable feedstock ensuring consistent quality and high purity 

SPHINOX® Immulance

Training the skin to defend itself

SPHINOX® Immulance is an innovative and unique Ceramide based on uneven fatty acids that are known for their various health benefits as food supplements. In combination with Phytosphingosine as a base, it positively regulates the skin‘s own anti-microbial defense and protects the skin by strenghtening the skin‘s immune barrier. 

Key benefits:

  • Promotes skin‘s own resilience 
  • Strenghthens the skin‘s immune barrier
  • Induces anti-microbial defense mechanisms by induction of anti-microbial peptides
  • Soothes overreactive skin
  • Microbiome friendly                  
  • Innovative Ceramide, with specific fatty acid side-chain


Powerful combination of long chain Ceramides and bioactive Ceramides 
- our premium solution for healthy aging

SKINMIMICS® PRO MB is our new system solution for healthy aging. It is a synergistic and powerful combination of 7 different Ceramides embedded in a modern and globally applicable emulsifier system and without listed preservatives. Thanks to the combination of skin identical long chain Ceramides and short bioactive Ceramides, this product is the perfect solution for aging skin, it offers skin regeneration from within and improved barrier function by activation of the skin’s natural water management system.

Key benefits: 

  • Modern system solution for healthy aging
  • Combination of 7 Ceramides, long chain Ceramides and short bioactive Ceramides with vegetable cholesterol and free fatty acids
  • Improves barrier function from within
  • Modern emulsifier system without listed preservatives

BeautiFerm® Healerine

Nature's ancient elixir to boost skin regeneration

The ancient Reishi mushroom has traditionally been associated with healing properties in Asian regions. BeautiFerm® Healerine takes this ancient elixir to the next level through biotechnology.  The product uses fermentation technology to augment Reishi's powers towards boosting of skin regeneration.  This leads to several anti-aging benefits particularly in pro-aging applications and for skin protection products. 

Key benefits:

  • Balances the natural slow-down in skin renewal due to aging with a boost in tissue regeneration
  • Accelerates skin re-epithelialization after disruption of the epidermal barrier
  • Activates biological pathways involved in cell migration and proliferation

BeautiFerm® Lift

Visible skin firming

Borne from unique bacterial organisms found co-evolving among the centennial trees of the Yosemite National Part in the US, BeautiFerm® Lift provides consumers with a solution enabling visible skin firming benefits. It does this by helping to boost the skin's ability to generate important structural elements like collagen and elastin, which together act to support the shape and elasticity of skin. Coming from nature, Beautiferm® Lift is COSMOS approved and from non-GMO fermentation.

Key benefits:

  • Restores the skin‘s firmness, elasticity and texture through collagen-boosting benefits
  • Promotes pro-collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Activates healthy cell renewal for enhanced skin vitality
  • COSMOS approved, natural extract obtained from non-GMO fermentation

BeautiFerm® Resurf

Resurfacing of skin to restore a youthful glow

Consumers are looking for innovative beauty solutions that connect with foods they know to be good and healthy, such as whole grains.  Evonik's BeautiFerm® Resurf products fulfill this aspiration by combining rye flour with an innovative ecosystematic fermentation process that uses natural bacterial strains to bring forth beneficial metabolites and post-biotics. These in turn yield excellent skin resurfacting benefits. 

Key benefits:

  • Skin resurfacing through enhanced cell renewal for refreshed, radiant and blemish-free skin
  • Strengthens the resilience of the skin microbiota by stimulating the growth of skin commensals
  • Natural ingredient produced by fermentation using an ecosystem of multiple natural strains
  • Available in multiple product forms and preservatives, including COSMOS approved and China IECIC variant

TEGO® CBD Revitalize 

Give yourself star-power with a scientifically-crafted CBD entourage

Star-power doesn’t happen alone, but rather through an entourage of followers. Similarly, CBD’s magical skin care powers derive not only from the cannabidol, but rather from complementary and synergistic compounds found within the CBD extract itself – its own entourage effect.

It is no secret that US consumers are excited about CBD products, but safety and regulatory concerns surrounding some of the ancillary components of CBD extracts are raising eyebrows. For brands trying to support consumers’ CBD aspirations, deliver tangible skin appearance benefits, and address these regulatory concerns, there is an alternative: scientifically-tailored entourage effects. Evonik’s forthcoming TEGO® CBD Revitalize is an excellent example, enabling CBD consumers to enjoy skin revitalization benefits without regret.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes a refreshed and youthful skin appearance
  • Supports skin hydration
  • Strengthens the skin’s protective layers
  • Emotional benefits by feeling in harmony with signs of ageing
  • A natural, plant-based, scientifically-crafted ingredient
  • Based on high purity CBD, absent of unwanted constituents

Our new BOTANICA® ingredients

Visit BOTANICA® for more information on the products.

Black Currant Bio Extract 'C' G (CH)

Anti-aging Berry Power from Upcycled Source

This Black Currant Bio Extract 'C' G (CH) is a pure natural extract with dried black currant pomace. Botanica uses the dried pomace, which is a co-product of the black currant berry juice production at a Swiss partner of Botanica. The black currant berries are cultivated in Switzerland and organic certified. The black currant pomace contains highly valuable cosmetic ingredients and is therefore used by Botanica as raw material for the production of extracts for the cosmetic industry (upcycled raw material)​.

Key benefits:

  • Antioxidant
  • Rich in phenolic compounds, anthocyanins 
  • Literatur-based: antioxidant, anti-aging, actives collagen, elastin production

Sea Buckthorn Leaves Bio Extract 'C' G

Antioxidative Protection from Upcycled Leaves

This Sea Buckthorn Leaves Bio Extract 'C' G is a pure natural extract with dried sea buchthorn leaves. Botanica uses the dried leaves from an organic certified sea buckthorn cultivation. The leaves are a co-product of the sea buckthorn berry harvest, which is done manually by cutting the fruit-bearing branches. Botanica uses the leaves, which contain highly valuable cosmetic ingredients and is therefore used by Botanica as raw material for the production of extracts for the cosmetic industry (upcycled raw material)​ 

Key benefits:

  • Antioxidant
  • Rich in phenolic compounds
  • Literatur-based: antioxidant, epidermal renewal/regeneration (wound-healing), calming (anti-inflammatory)

Ginger Root Bio Extractive® (CH)

Root from Upcycled Source

This Ginger Root Bio Extractive® (CH) is a pure natural extract with dried ginger root pomace. Botanica uses the dried pomace, which is a co-product of the ginger juice production at a Swiss partner of Botanica. The ginger is cultivated in Switzerland and organic certified. The ginger root pomace contains highly valuable cosmetic ingredients and is therefore used by Botanica as raw material for the production of extracts for the cosmetic industry (upcycled raw material)​.

Key benefits:

  • Antioxidant
  • Contains gingerol and shogaol
  • Literatur-based: antioxidant, anti-microbial

Last updated: 16.04.2024