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Botanicals & Natural Extracts  

The Care Solutions business line (CS BL) has established the new segment Botanicals & Natural Actives (BNA). BNA brings together colleagues and portfolios from recent acquisitions and legacy products.

Ecological and ethical factors are becoming increasingly important for consumers in the beauty and personal care market. The BL CS has created the new segment BNA to meet the demand for botanical extracts and natural actives with a focus on sustainability and scientific claims. The new segment is headed by Kai-Steffen Krannig: "Nature is an infinite source of inspiration for genuine beauty and well-being. Together, we want to become a leading global partner for botanical extracts & natural actives in the personal care market."

BNA plays an important role in expanding the portfolio of biosolutions of the Nutrition & Care division through a B4B (business-for-business) approach to enable highly differentiated standard and tailor-made plant-inspired solutions that are backed up by science.

"By bringing together sustainable sourcing, biotech processes and scientific claim substantiation with our recently established Skin Institute, our customers benefit from high performance, sustainable specialty botanical ingredients that allow them to differentiate in the market," said Yann d’Herve, head of the BL CS.

Experts from the most recent acquisitions work in the BNA segment: Alkion Biopharma (2016), Botanica and Wilshire (2021) and Novachem (2023). The segment also includes Evonik’s legacy business for example TEGO® Turmerone a natural plant extract of the curcuma root.

BNA offers two product types: botanical extracts, which are obtained by infusing an herb, or botanical in a liquid to extract a desired ingredient; and natural actives, which go one step further by providing a defined content of specific phytochemicals and a proven scientific claim with a promise for efficacy.

NeoPlanta® Withania  

Empower your skin to adapt to stress and preserve its natural youthfulness

Our adaptogen-infused skincare products are designed to preserve natural youthfulness and increase skin resilience to environmental stress. By preventing exposome-induced skin damage and premature aging, we help our customers maintain healthy, vibrant skin. By the use of biotechnology, we were able to unlock the amazing power of the Ayurvedic plant Withania somnifera, harnessing its adaptogenic properties to create truly innovative skincare solutions.

  • Adaptogen hero ingredient
  • Prevents exposome-induced skin damage and premature aging
  • Increased skin resilience to environmental stress
  • Prevents AhR activation and protein carbonylation triggered by exposome stress
  • Use of plant biotech to unlock the amazing power of the Ayurvedic plant Withania somnifera
  • Sustainable cultivation


Shield your hair with the natural wonders from Patagonia!

This innovative active ingredient is derived from the Maqui fruit, which grows exclusively in Andean Patagonia. CapilAcid™ serves as a comprehensive protector from the root to the tip of the hair and is a powerful antioxidant. It excels in acidic formulations, safeguarding hair against exposome-induced stress and promoting overall hair health.

Positioning and attributes

  • Protect hair against exposome stressors
  • Protect hair and reduce hair breakage caused by chemical and thermal damage
  • Helps to support the integrity of the F-Layer
  • Maintaining its protective and antioxidant efficacy even in low pH formulations


Rebalance your skin with the natural active from Misiones rainforest for a less oily appearance.

Achieve a balanced, less oily complexion with the natural power of Oleobiota™ from the Misiones rainforest. This innovative active ingredient regulates oiliness, mattifies combination- and oily skin, and minimizes the appearance of pores. Derived from sustainably cultivated Ñangapirí leaves, Oleobiota™ not only benefits your skin but also supports the health of the Misiones rainforest. Developed in accordance with the Nagoya Protocol, Oleobiota™ offers a responsible and effective skincare solution.

Positioning and attributes

  • Improves the overall appearance of combination and oily skin​
  • Mattifying and sebo-normalizing​
  • Reduces oiliness
  • Less visible pores and pore cleaning
  • Natural astringent