Deodorant solutions  

With a unique portfolio that offers various modes of action, our products stand apart in their ability to tackle body odor in innovative ways. Discover our 100% natural products' proven 48-hour efficacy, microbiome modulation benefits, and targeted, immediate and on-demand efficacy.

A natural deodorant active blend with immediate activity. The mechanism acts with selectivity against odor-causing bacteria and thereby favorably modulating the skin’s microbiome. It is liquid and easy to handle. The synergistic composition is highly effective against microorganisms causing body odor.

The natural deodorant active ingredient with 48 hour on-demand activity that specifically targets odor-causing bacteria. A smart local activation mechanism ensures its antimicrobial effect when and where needed. It has co-emulsifying properties and is non-irritating and non-sensitizing to the skin.

The on-demand deodorant boosting ingredient with enzyme-inhibiting mechanism and mild antimicrobial effect. It inhibits the lipase based metabolism of sweat components which cause malodor. The colorless and odorless, lipophilic liquid made from natural resources is easy to use and an ideal addition in deodorant formulations.

The natural odor absorber blend is specifically designed for clear, aqueous and hydro-alcoholic deodorant products. Its immediate body odor absorption efficacy is proven over 24h. It does not interfere with natural perspiration and the microbiome. The proven odor absorption is highly effective beyond underams - also for other body-related and external odors, like kitchen smell or cigarette smoke.

A natural based, highly effective odor absorber based on the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid. TEGODEO® PY 88 G has no antimicrobial properties and therefore does not interfere with the natural perspiration processes and the natural skin flora. It is ideal for emulsion based deo applications, such as roll-ons and creams.

Want to further dive into the science of body odor and the role of the microbiome? Get access to intoBeauty® and explore our new data and claim support that showcases the effectiveness and gentleness of our deodorant range.