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As a specialist in concepts for skin, hair and body care products, We use renewable resources and sustainable methods based on three technology platforms: organics, silicones, actives. Emulsifiers, secondary surfactants, synthetic and enzymatically produced emollients, conditioners, thickeners, pearlizing agents and active ingredients comprise our product portfolio. These ingredients significantly contribute to consistency, efficacy and sensory appeal in personal care products.


Young women & men already know how important prevention is for maintaining a youthful skin. The new biometric tetrapeptide TEGO® Pep UP, supports the skin by defying gravity and gives it a boosting up effect. Evonik combines longstanding scientific experience of peptide engineering with their passion to create new product solutions. TEGO® Pep UP completes our well-known technology platform for peptides & amino acids as a product that works for both prevention and anti-aging.


Tetrapeptide-4; Glycerin

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From active lifestyle, to colorful self-expression - our formulation concepts target worldwide consumer trends and highlight specialty ingredients. 

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Our guideline formulations help formulators and brand owners create products to satisfy an increasingly demanding consumer base.

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Sensory Kaleidoscope

Sensory Kaleidoscope is Evonik’s new interactive tool, which makes it possible to visualize the impact of emulsifiers and formulation design on skin feel.