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Let’s look back on our highlights in 2023

Personal Care Highlights 2023

What a year it's been! We appreciate the trust our customers have placed in us and our solutions. As we move into 2024, we look forward to working together to create a beautiful and sustainable world.

We hope that you and your dear ones have a serene period and a fantastic beginning to another year of breakthroughs and fruitful partnerships. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you again.


January to March Highlights  

New Campaigns, Concepts and Programs

Evoke Beauty

Evoke Beauty is our personal love letter to People, Nature & Science. Our mission is to create innovations that differentiate, solutions that simplify and create an impact that genuinely matters. The star of the Evoke Beauty mission is our Actives portfolio: It ranges from Skintellectuals-loved ingredients like Ceramides and AHAs to efficacy-boosting Active Systems as well as exciting new Botanicals solutions - with more innovative and eco-friendly next-generation technologies to come. ... MORE

New product launches


SOPHANCE® LA-A is a glycolipid that is gentle to the skin, mucous membranes, and eyes and can be used in mildness-driven personal care cleansing applications for reactive and sensitive skin, among others. ...MORE


SPHINOX® Immulance is an innovative and unique Ceramide based on uneven fatty acids that are known for their various health benefits as food supplements. In combination with Phytosphingosine as a base, it positively regulates the skin‘s own anti-microbial defense and protects the skin by strengthening the skin‘s immune barrier. ...MORE


SKINMIMICS® PRO MB is our new system solution for healthy aging. It is a synergistic and powerful combination of 7 different Ceramides embedded in a modern and globally applicable emulsifier system and without listed preservatives. The combination of skin identical long chain Ceramides and short bioactive Ceramides makes this product the perfect solution for aging skin. It offers skin regeneration from within and improved barrier function by activation of the skin’s natural water management system. ...MORE


Our very first product launched under our ECOHANCE Program. ECOHANCE® Care PS3 is a next generation solution O/W emulsifier for natural lotions and creams with an eco-optimized sourcing beyond bio-based. ...MORE

BeautiFerm® Healerine

The ancient Reishi mushroom has traditionally been associated with healing properties in Asian regions. BeautiFerm® Healerine takes this ancient elixir to the next level through biotechnology.  The product uses fermentation technology to augment Reishi's powers towards boosting of skin regeneration. This leads to several anti-aging benefits particularly in pro-aging applications and for skin protection products. ...MORE

BeautiFerm® Lift

Borne from unique bacterial organisms found co-evolving among the centennial trees of the Yosemite National Part in the US, BeautiFerm® Lift provides consumers with a solution enabling visible skin firming benefits.­ It helps to boost the skin's ability to generate important structural elements like collagen and elastin, which together act to support the shape and elasticity of skin. Coming from nature, BeautiFerm® Lift is COSMOS approved and from non-GMO fermentation. ...MORE

Beautiferm® Resurf  

BeautiFerm® Resurf products elevate the positive attributes of organic rye through ecosystemic fermentation. Unlike single-strain fermentation, Evonik's ecosystemic approach uses a multi-strain consortium of natural lactic acid bacteria which enables a broader collection of beneficial agents for the skin. The result are products that help to resurface the skin and promote the balance of a healthy skin microbiota. This family of products is available in three formats to take advantage of postbiotics and paraprobiotics while offering slightly different formulation properties: concentrate, liquid and serum. BeautiFerm® Resurf is available in alternative preservative options.

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April to June Highlights  

New Concepts

New product launches


Our newly designed cationic O/W emulsifier that combines smooth sensory benefits with enhanced sustainability. The next generation cationic ester quat is readily biodegradable and shows a lower eco-tox compared to its historical counterpart. ...MORE

 July to September Highlights  

New Concepts

Webinars and Tools

Decoding Ceramides Webinar

Ceramides are lipids (fats) that are found naturally in high concentrations in the uppermost layers of skin. They make up over 50% of the skin’s composition. It is no surprise they play a vital role in determining how our skin looks and how it responds to environmental threats. In this webinar, our experts discussed the modes of action empowering the body’s natural shield with Ceramides, and how Evonik’s offerings can help transform beauty concepts into developed formulations and finished products.


Acquisition of Novachem

 October to December Highlights  

New Concepts

New product launches


This is a versatile and mild ingredient that functions as a rheology modifier, hydrophilic emollient and sensory enhancer. ECOHANCE® Remo XP is produced using a low-energy enzymatic process that utilizes feedstocks sourced from local alternative feedstocks and waste streams. ...MORE

ECOHANCE® Soft Baobab

ECOHANCE® Soft Baobab is a natural botanical emollient sourced from the west Africa, near Sahel, and contributes directly to the UNCCD "Great Green Wall" initiative to "Re-green Sahel Zone" and gives social and ecological impact to the area and the local people, especially women. ECOHANCE® Soft Baobab, is non-irritant, non-comedogenic and has moisturizing as well as soothing efficacy and comes along with a premium caring and soft skin feel. ...MORE


IFSCC-inspired Webinar: Delving into the Science of Cosmetics

This year, we made quite the buzz at the 33rd IFSCC congress. Two podium presentations were given by our experts with the intention of showing how beauty and nature can be reimagined. The webinar itself contained these two presentations as well as a third, exclusive presentation. This was our way of celebrating the scientific advancements and sustainable future-readiness in the world of Cosmetic Science together with you!