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Trends, ideas and inspiration: This is what we focus on in one topic per month. We share insights to market relevant subjects and highlight a matching product from our portfolio. And with carefully selected guideline formulations we spark your creativity!

August 2020

Bottle your sustainability goals

Minimize your environmental footprint with our emollients! A series of converging market trends are redefining how consumers value their cosmetic products. Increasingly, they are interested in solutions that can not only deliver the desired skin feeling but also enable a sustainable future for us all.

July 2020

To stabilize almost anything

Inspriring ways to future orientated formuations: The trend for formulating skin care naturally is already well established in the cosmetic market. Over the years the focus has shifted, and the question of what is inside a product, and how it impacts the environment has been gathering consumer momentum.

June 2020

The natural hair care routine

An increasing proportion of consumers favor using natural ingredients and certified natural cosmetics. Formulating modern and appealing products to meet these needs that also fall within the guidelines of natural cosmetics certification standards can be a challenge. This is often due to a limited choice of approved ingredients and complex requirements for the product composition.

May 2020

Good earth, good home and good looks

In our Topic of the Months we want to help you to find the space to think. This month we ask you to think a little deeper and think about the possibilities of creating a truly sustainable personal care industry by harnessing the power of the natural world around us.

April 2020

Some things are better thick

TEGO® Remo 95 MB – The natural-based thickener with emollient properties. In the past the main focus for sustainability was often on topics like the provenance of ingredients and/or certificates like Cosmos, and this is still relevant to customers and consumers. But now, on top of this, consumer needs are shifting to more healthier lifestyles, and what's inside products and how it impacts the environment, is becoming more and more important.

February and March 2020

Natural cleansing solutions

As consumers recognize the importance of preserving the environment, they are demanding personal care cleansing products that offer natural and sustainable benefits.

January 2020

Deep beauty

Consumers are seeking fundamental solutions for skin health that are grounded in science and observable improvement but still holistically balance their wellness needs.

December 2019

Summary of the year

Every month, we highlight trends or innovative solutions from our broad portfolio for the Personal Care industry. As 2019 draws to a close, we would like to end this year’s series with a brief summary of some topics covered.

November 2019

Curly you

Around the world, there is a global movement to embrace naturally curly hair. There is no longer a universal ideal of beauty, but the individuality of consumers is respected, by offering innovative solutions to meet their specific demands for their hair type.

October 2019

Water responsible beauty

For numerous different reasons water is becoming a scarce and precious resource. Rising consumer awareness is pushing brands to work harder to protect the planet’s natural water resources and to create more sustainable solutions.

September 2019

UV protection through inorganic inspiration

Consumers are seeking sun protection that is environmentally responsible and effective while still presenting innovative, fun product formats.

August 2019

The pioneer and expert in emulsifiers

All developments in skin care emulsion start with the questions: which ingredients do I like to use? and which is the right emulsifier to stabilize my formulation? There is a huge choice available to developers.

July 2019

Challenges of a hyper connected life

Over the last three decades, technology has become increasingly integrated into consumers’ lives. Our relationship with technology has evolved significantly, and the use of digital devices is constantly expanding, transforming the way we communicate.

June 2019

For consumers seeking a differentiated skin treatment experience

Consumers are seeking the aspiration of a spa experience, eclectic formulation formats, and innovative ingredients that are supportive of clinical-level performance. Treatment Masques embrace a differentiated skin treatment experience by combining ritualistic ethos with scientifically-driven beauty.

May 2019

The closest insight intoBeauty®

Now available: All our product information, sample orders and interactive online tools bundled in a new web-based portal, called intoBeauty®.

March 2019

New textures and sensory experiences

New textures and sensory experiences play a key role in today’s cosmetic products. With innovative textures to give a vibrant skin feel, consumers can now enjoy their daily beauty routines even more.

February 2019

(Im)pure skin

Due to physiological and hormonal changes, many teenagers and young adults are afflicted with skin impurities. In many cases, the same or a modified problem persists beyond the age of 40. The causes of impure skin are as widespread as its manifestations: androgenic hormones, genetic disposition, inappropriate cosmetics, stress, and inappropriate nutrition, among others, can all be factors.

January 2019

Hair care trends

Consumers are demanding more from their hair care products, influenced in part by broad trends in beauty. At a macro level, the Natural trend, the Health-trend, the Treatment trend, and the experiential trend are all impacting what different consumer segments are seeking from their hair care products.

December 2018

Micellar water

Micellar waters can be found in the market for quite some time now. They have become a major trend across the globe, and still have more potential to grow. But what are micellar waters exactly?

November 2018


Moisturizers and related personal care products with moisturizing and hydrating benefits like toners, serums and essences are an important part of consumers’ daily beauty routine. When looking at the personal care, or more precisely the skin care market, the claim “moisturizing/ hydrating” tends to be the most frequently used claim.

October 2018

Beauty tech

Consumers’ relationship with technology has evolved over the last decades and fundamentally transformed the way we communicate. Alongside this change in communication with each other, we've also seen a change in shopping behaviors and therefore in advertising and marketing. For instance, social media influencers nowadays have an undeniable impact on the consumer and their purchase decisions.